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Here’s another new episode. This one has a new introduction for the titles I made. I originally made this to go with the Machinima.com opening logo to try and better integrate it into the show, but after being told that should be fine, it was shot down (that caused a delay with the last episode actually), so I decided to redo it and integrate it into the regular titles. Even though it’s a few seconds long I’m a little hesitant to add something like this since I know many Youtube viewers have extremely short attention spans and this on top of the Machinima.com logo and the titles might be a little more than they want to wait through, but I decided to include it anyway. If people like it, I’ll probably leave it in for a few episodes then change it to something new to maybe reflect Freeman’s progress in the game.

This episode is another wandering episode, there’s no enemy conflict in this one. I’m guessing for that reason people won’t like it quite as much, but I’m still trying to keep it interesting. The episode after this will have more action and that will be out pretty soon.

Making these in a rapid-fire fashion is cutting into my time more than I’d like (I’m working weekends, but not more than about 8 hours a day), but it’s sort of interesting to see how fast I can do them since I’ve never made multiple episodes of Freeman’s Mind where that’s ALL I was working on before. I think they might come out a little better if they were done more slowly, but not substantially so. Regardless, this is an experiment. I’ll be going back to work on Civil Protection by the end of the month.


Even though the Youtube version will be forever screwed up, I finally fixed the downloadable copy so the intro plays correctly and the sound is in sync.

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