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Surprise, here’s yet another episode. This one’s more action-oriented and plays like some of the earlier ones, so I think fans of the series will like this one more. I wasted pretty much an entire night trying to solve the WMV encoding problem that plagued the last episode, but was finally able to crack it, so hopefully this means no more video/audio anomalies in the future.

This wasn’t made during the gap between the last one. I started working on this one on Saturday and it wasn’t finished until yesterday. Believe it or not, I can’t do much more than about 3 minutes a day on an episode, and that’s under good circumstances and not counting additional sound editing. That may sound ludicrous, but it actually does take me that long, I’ve tried to do it faster before. It’s not because I’m lazy, I just don’t know how to move faster and still have the show come out as well. While it’s loads faster than Civil Protection, it’s basically a process of going through a clip, thinking of a line, recording said line many times as I’m not the greatest voice actor (this can range from 2 - 20+ takes, depending on the line and how important it is), editing through all said takes and arranging it in the episode. If I was a better voice actor and good at improvisation I could probably be done with the game by now. In this reality however, the next episode will probably be out sometime late Monday.

In other news, I still want to catch up on subtitles, website improvements, extras, emails, and many other things, but for the moment I’m just focusing on getting the videos out.


I’m probably going to have to add this to the FAQ. Several of you were asking why the episode was up on Youtube before it was up on here. The answer is I never know when the video is going to be up on Youtube. I have to check it, same as you. It’s someone else’s job to upload it and they’re usually pretty busy to be able to answer my inquests all the time. In this case I was taking a nap when it went up since I’ve been working night hours so it’s quiet enough for me to me record (my old spot got converted to someone else’s office). Since I’m in a different room this is also why there’s more of an echo in recent episodes.


Well I finished episode 22, but I don’t have control over when it gets released. The original schedule was Monday, but things got pretty close to the wire on this one. I guess it’s Tuesday now?

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