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Here’s the next episode. Sorry about the delay on this one, I have very limited control over how things get released on Machinima’s channel. This episode is pretty typical of the series. I think my voice acting could have been better, but there ended up being a lot of time pressure on this one. I’m also running into a new bug that I’m basically just ignoring. When there’s a level transition, the demo recording function for Half Life Source completely ignores all ragdolls that weren’t spawned with the level. So if there are any bodies left there previously, they’re gone later on. I doubt there’s any solution to this, so oh well. I should be done with another episode for Thursday. I believe it will go up then, but I’m hesitant to promise since it’s beyond my control after a point. It will be a shorter one, but the length is dictated mostly by the best areas to have a jumping off point in the game so it doesn’t feel too abrupt.

Also I am far behind on email and plan to respond to most of them, but I may adopt a new policy of not responding to questions that you can find with 5-10 minutes of research as I’ve been getting a lot of these lately. I can appreciate if you have a specific question about something I did in the Source engine with a Civil Protection episode because I sometimes employ a lot of tricks there, or information that is very difficult to find; but dozens of emails asking me things like how to enable cheat codes in Half-Life I just can’t see myself responding to, sorry guys. Nothing I do in Freeman’s Mind is terribly exotic, it’s just some config file editing. I’m not editing maps, running mods, or changing any code. It’s just cheat codes and hotkeys. I should be your LAST resort for finding information, not the first. I’m not trying to be unfriendly, but I think everyone, myself especially, would prefer I just make more videos rather than play tech support to the world.


Well guys, I had Episode 23 finished and submitted first thing this morning, but it’s not up yet, so oh well. It’s anyone’s guess when it will go online.

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