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Well here’s the next episode of Freeman’s Mind. I tried my best, but the bug of demo recording omitting blood decals and bodies is still present, so I guess just use your imagination. While time estimates aren’t my strong point, you can expect more FM episodes for this month.

This has been by no means the longest time in between episodes, though I received more complaints about not having a new episode up than ever before. For those of you who were patient, thanks. For those of you that weren’t, when I produce more videos this year than I have for any other year in the past, remember it’s because I had time to get resituated, do research, etc. Maybe some of you will understand the concept of cause and effect. Maybe.

Things are more or less the same otherwise, though the bug I was having with Source may have been fixed by coder Alexander Morton, I still need to verify this. If so, this is very good news.


I’ve been getting these questions a lot, so here are some more answers:

Q. Will you be selling a DVD of the episodes?
A. No. I can’t do that legally since it’s a mess as far as intellectual property goes. At some point I hope to get higher quality versions of the episodes up for download however.

Q. Did you change the codec for more recent episodes?
A. No, but I changed the encoder. The fade-in for the new introduction caused problems with my old encoding method and produced artifacts every time. I’m surprised it’s causing problems for some people. I use Media Player Classic to watch them if that’s any help.

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