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Well finally here’s the next episode. This got delayed at least 2 weeks more than I anticipated, being sick really wiped out my voice for a while. Also some of you watched this one early and I’ve gotten some questions as to how this happened. Here’s how it works:

1. I was done with the video last week and sent it to Machinima.com.

2. They ask me to wait until they can post it on Youtube before I put up alternate links to it. This leads to a gazillion more views.

3. Machinima leaked the video on their own site before being able to get it up on Youtube.

4. Users of course download it and post it on Youtube.

5. I can hardly fault people for posting it online themselves, but this isn’t supposed to happen either, so it’s sort of a mess. It reminds me of this comic.

In case anyone’s wondering, I’m not upset with anyone about this, I’m happy people want to watch the videos. Machinima.com is probably less happy when this sort of thing happens though.

Right now my plan is to get a couple more episodes made, then work exclusively on finishing The Tunnel. I’m finding I work better when I can focus on one thing at a time. On the contrary, when I have to focus on many different things (like I have been), I can often take longer than I would if I did everything consecutively. Sort of anti-gestalt. Maybe there’s an actual word for this concept. On that note, I haven’t forgotten about website improvements, more subtitles, and the many emails I’ve received. I’ll get to all that as I’m not getting distracted by something else.


I’m getting a lot of people saying Episode 25 is the same as 24. I don’t know what to say here. I’ve doublechecked the links several times now and they all work on my end.


One of the web guys informed me that it was the EMBEDDED video that was messed up, that never occurred to me. He went and fixed it, so hopefully now everything’s alright.

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