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Here’s the new episode of Freeman’s Mind. This one isn’t the most interesting since it’s mainly just backtracking through the level, however I promise the one after this will be more exciting. I did record new intro footage, however it’s not quite as elaborate as I wanted. I wanted to add scientists doing things, but it turns out recompiling the exact same maps from Half-Life Source causes mysterious lighting glitches, so I doubt I’ll be editing the maps to HL Source anytime soon. I’ll still try and swap out new introductions every so often.

After I finish the next episode, my plans are to work exclusively on the next Civil Protection and not do anything else until it’s done (unless I run into a new show-stopping bug). That episode has been delayed for about 2.5 years now, so I’m going a little batty having it still uncompleted.

If you’ve written to me and still haven’t gotten a response, I have about 150 emails I still need to respond to, so be patient. However, I’ve stopped replying to emails that have atrocious grammar, are asking me questions answered in the FAQ, or are asking questions that can be answered with five minutes spent looking up the answer on a search engine. If your email doesn’t fall into those categories, you’ll probably get a response eventually. I appreciate people’s interest, but I’m focusing more on getting more videos out right now.

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