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Well after a short period of me being completely unaware the video had already been posted, here’s the next episode of Freeman’s Mind. Again, this is just kind of a stopgap material to tide you guys over while I keep working on Civil Protection. This is exactly the sort of situation Freeman’s Mind was created for in the first place. It’s sort of a mutation that’s it’s become as popular as it has. Once I finish the next CP episode, I promise to make a large batch of FM episodes to make up for all the time I’ve been spending on CP.

This episode did take more audio editing than usual. Audio editor Otto Beumelburg sent me a screenshot of all the volume balancing work he did for the episode. I thought that was interesting, so I’m posting that below. While I originally did everything myself, nowadays he does about 95% or more of volume mixing and extra sound effects for the series. I’ve been pretty happy with his work and it definitely saves me some time.


At some point I hope to make a giant chart illustrating all the steps that go into Freeman’s Mind and Civil Protection, but that can wait until I finish the next episode. I’ll start on FM 29 as soon as I’m done with the animation work for CP. I’m still behind on replying to emails, getting more subtitles up, and getting revisions done to the website, but I haven’t forgotten about any of that.

Personal Notes:

It’s likely I may be moving again in a couple weeks to a location with even cheaper rent, so that may disrupt things for a little bit. I’m also starting to relate to Freeman in that sense that I’m growing increasingly paranoid about the peak oil crisis that I believe is coming (see Civil Protection: Oil’s Well for more info on that). Even though I’ve previously considered people like this a little crazy, I’m leaning towards joining some survivalist community for when everything goes to hell. I probably won’t get to it for at least another year and even then, I’ll keep making more videos as long as civilization exists. Nobody really knows what will happen, but based on information I’ve been reading, I think we’ll start seeing big trouble around 2015. I think a zombie apocalypse would be easier to prepare for than what I think is actually coming. Enjoy!

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