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Freeman's Mind: Episode 30

Download 672x384 WMV (81MB)
The lull of Freeman’s Mind is over, here is Episode 30, with more that are going to be coming all year. Thanks to everyone who emailed me, letting me know it got posted. I think this one is pretty average, though I tend to think that about all the FM episodes now. One interesting bit of information is that all the radio chatter in this episode is as it was heard in the game. Many audio embellishments are added to the episodes, but that wasn’t one of them.

For the near future, my attention is a bit divided between The Tunnel, Episode 31, and miscellaneous stuff like forums and subtitles. So if one area lags, it’s a safe bet I’m working on another. I plan to continue using the progress graphic to the right for future episodes so you’ll know where things stand. I’ll have more to say once “The Tunnel” is out.


I screwed up and forgot to normalize the final audio volume, so the Youtube version may be too quiet. The downloadable copy has been fixed however.


I uploaded Episode 31 to Machinima.com a few days ago, but as usual, I never know when it will go up.

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