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Download 848x480 WMV (127MB)

Well here continues the currently weekly march of Freeman’s Mind. This pacing should be treated like an isotope, it’s hard to say how long it will remain stable. I think this one may be a little bit below average. I tried going a slightly different direction with it to avoid making things feel too mundane, but I’m not sure it really had the effect I wanted. Bonus points if you can find the pun used in this episode, I’m guessing a lot of people will miss it.

Since the last few uploads to Machinima.com have had the color and brightness distorted when they go on Youtube, this time I intentionally screwed up the picture in the OPPOSITE way to try and counteract what I’m guessing they were doing and it looks like it mostly worked. They’re still uploading 640x360 content as 1280x720 however, so next episode I may just upscale the original 848x480 footage to 1280x720 so while it won’t be HD quality, it will at least be sharper.

I’ve seen many posts before asking me to use mods to improve the graphics for Half-Life Source, with this episode being a good spot in the series to change things. I’ve experimented with every mod I could find for it and they ALL had problems. Some shaders would be overblown and/or not transfer to Source recorder, some models would be missing textures or not behave when recorded in a demo, some textures would make some areas look much better, but stick out horrendously in others, and most of them change some of the original weapons. For all these reasons I’m not planning on using visual enhancement mods for the game. I doubt people were really watching a game this old for the eye candy anyway.

Since I’ve increased the pacing of FM, I’m currently falling behind on Civil Protection, emails, subtitles, website improvements, and several other things. So if it looks like everything else is being neglected, it is, but not intentionally. I’ll get caught up again at some point.

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