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Here’s the next episode, and as promised, it contains more wandering around while lost, this time with more water.

I’m sure this will upset a lot of people, but this is going to be the last FM episode on a weekly rate. Believe it or not, it takes me most of my available time in the week making an episode (I’ll make a chart illustrating why later) and it’s been sucking up my time to the point where I’ve fallen behind on many other things I want to be working on. If I could do improv comedy well, the process would be at least 10x faster, but the neurons in my brain don’t quite fire fast enough for that. I don’t know when the next episode of FM will be completed since I want to catch up on subtitles, website improvements, responding to emails, bug hunting on the Source engine, getting more video formats available, and at least getting STARTED on the next CP episode. I won’t neglect FM for months at a time like I have in the past though, you can still expect more FM episodes, just not as fast as I’ve been doing them lately.


For fans of Freeman’s Mind Episode 2, it looks like the cold-blooded side of the debate is losing ground.

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