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Well I’m still very busy with the Noesis tutorial, but I made enough time to get another Freeman’s Mind episode done. This will be the last video I make before I finish the tutorial. I realize things have been pretty slow, but once the tutorial’s done you can expect a BIG increase in the frequency of video releases. Speaking of which there’s going to be so much covered in the tutorial it’s actually mushrooming into 2 different guides. One will cover nothing but Faceposer and Hammer, the other will go over everything else (writing, sound editing, camerawork, etc.).

Also I was interviewed a month or so ago for an online magazine article. I’ve been informed it’s been published and you can check it out here. I thought it was a little odd that he seemed to focus most of his article on my stuff, but he mentions some other good machinimas in there as well. Notably “The Monad” by Sam Goldwater (which is the best machinima drama I’ve seen) and “Hey Shipwreck!” by Patrick Hrabe, of which I really enjoy his series.

Finally I haven’t forgotten about the website, subtitles, or Civil Protection itself, I just have a big juggling act going on with all the work I have to do. Good things are coming.

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