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Download 848x480 MKV (109MB)

After many delays, here’s the next episode of Freeman’s Mind. I’m hoping to get a lot more out soon, though we’ll see what happens. If you like explosions, you’ll probably like this episode.

I ran into a bizarre bug in this episode where the skybox texture would randomly become very bright. Fortunately I was able to re-record the footage on a different system, thus you won’t see it in the episode. I’ll have to do some experiments to determine if the problem is something wrong with my system software or if Nvidia has decided to outsource its driver development to monkeys.

For the next episode I’ll be trying something new and will record exactly how much time is involved with making an episode. I plan for this to be a one-time thing, but I’ll give a full breakdown of how much time is spent on every aspect of Freeman’s Mind #42.

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