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Downloadable copy will be up after I move

Here’s the next exciting cliffhanger episode to Freeman’s Mind. If you think the laser in this episode acts strange, you can blame that on Source’s amazing demo recording code. It will be a while before the next episode comes out since I’m going to be moving very soon, but I still plan to have a spree of episodes done at some point, hopefully in November. I’m mostly going to be working on one of the mystery video projects between now and then.

This episode uses my new microphone setup, which I’m pretty happy with and will likely be the standard for videos I voice for several years. This episode also has a new sound editor for Freeman’s Mind, Max Petrosky, who does the additional sound effects work that you hear in the game and will likely help with a lot of future FM episodes. The old editor, Otto Beumelburg, will still be helping me with other video projects however.

And in case you missed the post before this, I will not be switching to the Black Mesa mod for Freeman’s Mind.

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