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Freeman’s Mind continues, even in the face of dumping water inside my computer. This episode starts off slow, but picks up towards the end. You’ll also find the sound effects to be a little more bombastic in this episode as current sound editor Daniel Sheehan (Otto is still helping on other things) took it upon himself to add many new effects that I think came out pretty well. Volume balancing still haunts me as usual however. Even after Daniel’s great work, it still took me about 3.5 hours to balance the volume for this episode. If you think you can do a better job than me at volume balancing, go ahead and email me, and you could maybe help with future episodes.

I will try my best to have the next FM episode up in roughly two weeks, however I’ve been very busy with many different things. Dumping water in my computer amazingly did not seem to help the situation. So it’s possible episode 48 will be a little late, however, one of the things I’m spending a lot of time on is the secret Freeman’s-Mind-related project I mentioned earlier. So in other words, I may be stalling Freeman a little bit to bring you more Freeman. Freeman.



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