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Welcome to what I think is the second-longest episode of Freeman’s Mind! My apologies about the delay on this one, all I can say is I’m about as busy as Freeman is in the video, the difference is I’m not getting shot at. This one got rushed a little bit as I promised to have this one out this week, but I’m still pretty happy with how it came out. It does make me NEVER want to promise when something will go up AGAIN. I keep meaning to never say that, then forget. So from this point on I’ll just say I’m unlikely to give any hard dates when something will come out for anything. I prefer a “when it’s done” approach anyway. That doesn’t mean Duke-Nukem-Forever-Style-Wait-15-years-Then-Go-Bankrupt “when it’s done” however.

On that note, I’m giving no promises when the next Freeman’s Mind episode will come out, despite my original intention of doing it every 2 weeks. I intend to submit the Freeman’s Mind DOTA 2 voice pack to Valve first, and finish up one other project before resuming. To try and make up for the delay, I am going to attempt to respond to (almost) ALL emails in my inbox. I currently have 632 emails I haven’t responded to, many of them months old. I hate not having time to reply to people, so I want to catch up on that. Starting this weekend, I will begin to reply to at least 20 emails a day until I am caught up.

More news coming soon!


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