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This episode got delayed more than I intended, but if you’ve been watching the series a while, it’s nothing compared to some of the other ones. This episode is also one of the shorter ones in a while, although really, this is ideally where I wanted to aim, but the past few episodes have just been one thing after another, there was less of a good jumping off spot. I know plenty of people would just as soon have me make the next episode 30 minutes long, but it’s definitely easier for me to break it up some more. Part of the reason this episode got delayed is because I’ve been spending a little more time learning possible software for the long-term movie project I still want to do. That’s not anywhere close to being done, but I would go crazy if I wasn’t doing SOMETHING on it, I mostly put that completely on hold for 2013. Finally, the documentary Freeman refers to in this episode is totally real, though I forgot the name of it.


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