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Here’s another episode that got delayed more than I wanted, but I’m still making them. This is coming out on Valentine’s Day, but it’s just a coincidence, I didn’t plan it like that. This episode isn’t especially related to Valentine’s Day unless you find ninjas and shotguns romantic. I think this episode came out pretty well, it actually took longer due to bugs with HL: Source’s demo recording, but I was able to eventually work around them.

On another note, I wanted to try and introduce some democracy to what I work on next and see how it goes. I’ve start on episode 55, but after that, I haven’t decided what video I should do next, so you can vote on it below:

[poll id=”10”]

In reality, it’s more of a competition between Freeman’s Mind and Ross’s Game Dungeon, but I just wanted to see how big the divide is. While I haven’t given up on it, I can’t realistically do another animated video at this time since that will delay everything else too much and I need to keep my income going. This goes double since it’s now a CONFIRMED conspiracy that Youtube isn’t counting all views and I guess is just pocketing the money instead. I’ve suspected something like this ever since I saw some statistically improbable things happen in December, but that link above has actual proof in it. I’m sure Google’s stance on this is that it’s just a bug they need to fix. An enormous, and insanely profitable bug. So, while I plan to go with the majority rule, if Youtube siphons off enough views from FM so they’re both equal, I may just do more RGD instead, since I can produce it faster and it’s a little more fun for me to make.

More videos coming!


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