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(Downloadable copy will be up later)

Here’s the latest episode of Freeman’s Mind, now in HD! This episode is about average, it has a lot of the hallway wandering Half-Life is known for, but is broken up with the action. I didn’t remember which way to go when I played this again, and could have easily broken about 2-3 episode into 5-6 pointless ones if I recorded this the first time through. I would argue the game even steers you towards the wrong objective way too early, leaving you lost. While old school FPSs can have a lot going for them, I’ve never been a fan of maze-like level design that tries to trap you. Also for the time being, I’m discontinuing releasing new videos on blip.tv, but will continue to leave the old ones up there. The reason being is ever since Maker Studios bought them out (shortly after my joining blip), the performance of the site has kind of gone downhill for me, so for now, future episodes will just be coming out on Youtube.

Thanks again to everyone who donated, you’re the direct reason this episode is in HD right now. I actually didn’t wait until any of the parts to arrive since I wanted to get it out ASAP and it absolutely was every bit of a pain in the ass to process as I anticipated on my system. The next episodes won’t be released until I get the computer parts, but I can keep working on them in low definition and swap it out later. I’m still afraid to go to 1080, though I’m looking into possible options for that in the future.

Also, as of the time of this posting, I THINK I have responded to everyone who has donated money, which has come to roughly ~850 people since the fundraiser started. I still have yet to respond to most other normal emails, but I’ll get to them as soon as I can.

More videos coming! In HD!


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