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Freeman’s Mind continues! This episode got delayed more than I intended, but I’ve been working ahead as well. I hope #60 isn’t too far behind.

I made some adjustments to this episode based on how the last one went. The first is I increased the field of vision, something I should have done in the last episode, but didn’t notice it being a problem until it was a little too late. For some reason, it never registered in my brain, even though I knew something was wrong. This episode has been adjusted from the default 90 degrees for Uplink to 106, so it should more closely match the previous ones from HL: Source.

The other big change made is based on the feedback from the last episode, I decided to drop Freeman’s morphine tripping as many people were finding it annoying. While I try my best, I see no reason to adhere to consistency if it hurts the overall impact of the show, so this episode is much more the standard Freeman you’re probably used to. Afterall, it wouldn’t be the first inconsistency. Speaking of which, this episode has another consistency shortcoming because of an invisible wall, but I didn’t want to re-record the whole episode because of it, so you can think of it as an easter egg. While I never plan to sacrifice the writing or voice acting quality, in general my attitude towards bugs and other errors in the show is to just keep moving forward.

On that note, more Freeman’s Mind is coming, though I may try to squeeze in some more Game Dungeons if I can, it will be a bit of juggling act. In the meantime, this episode has one of my favorite endings in a while.


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