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Here’s the next episode of Freeman’s Mind. This one contains the most shouting there’s been in an episode in a while, but Freeman has some legitimate grievances. I originally considered skipping this area for FM since I felt like it was one of the more contrived areas, next to the giant fan room, but I saw some comments of people saying they had been looking forward to this part, so people will get the full experience instead. In any event, I’m happy with how this episode resolves the previous one. As a bit of side information, the very last part of this episode was literally played and recorded in slow motion. It was the only way I was able to preserve the motion blur AND not have the game glitch during the demo playback. Something about the one of the teleporters the demo system in Source simply did not like.

The voicework for #61 has been recorded, although it will take a little longer for the editing than this one did. In the meantime, I’m likely taking on more than I should and I plan for the next video to be another Game Dungeon. I’m aiming to have it by the end of the month, but I’m not promising anything. More videos coming one way or another!


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