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Here’s an episode you maybe weren’t expecting. I didn’t even decide to make this until last month. In the Half-Life series, Freeman never really gets anything resembling a “good” ending. My favorite ending of the series actually is for Blue Shift, where you just get in an SUV with other scientists, and get the hell out of Black Mesa, presumably to drive off and go have beers and hot wings. So here’s the ending Freeman SHOULD have received, in my eyes.

I know there are many concerns about my being able to make my promised deadline of finishing the series, don’t worry about it. While there was a big delay between this episode in the last one, that’s primarily because my audio editor disappeared for 3 weeks with no notice. This happens sometimes. Thankfully, “General Cornwaffle” helped step up to take his place (for now). I’ve been working non-stop the entire time on the rest of the episodes, I currently hope to finish the voicework for Episode 64 sometime tomorrow. As much as I wanted to make a vague post suggesting this was the ACTUAL end of the series, I don’t think I can do that now without raising a lot of ire in light of how long this one took to came out.

If parts of this episode have the FOV too zoomed in, my apologies, but there was no easy way around it. Part of this was filmed in Counter-strike, and it’s frigging impossible to change the FOV for that game, even with cheats enabled, go figure. Also, my voice may sound slightly odd in this one, this was the first episode I recorded after making my move and I think I may have gone a little overkill trying to reduce the echo, which made the acoustics a tad different. Future episodes should resemble what you’ve heard the past ~15 episodes or so more closely.

Assuming there are no more screw-ups, expect the next episode quite soon!


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