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Here’s the final Black Mesa episode of Freeman’s Mind! This one has been about 98% done for a couple weeks, but there were some complications with some of the final aspects of it. Some things that people may find interesting: 1. The volume of the last scientist is as it sounded in-game. I was kind of amazed how quiet it was. Otto was going to increase the volume to it, but I decided it worked better with Freeman shouting that he couldn’t hear him at the original volume. 2. The slipping wasn’t planned, but I thought it was a great addition to the episode, plus I’m never in a rush to redo a gameplay sequence if I don’t have to. 3. My thoughts reflect Freeman’s regarding the teleporter in that I couldn’t imagine any scenario where Freeman is still alive after being teleported if momentum isn’t preserved.

The footage for the next episode is done, though I haven’t made progress on the voicework yet. I doubt there will be another FM episode before Halloween, but we’ll see. Expect more in November!


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