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Here is one of the most climatic episodes from Half-Life! I actually couldn’t remember how to beat this level initially and had to look it up. I’ve never been a fan of “bullet sponge” enemies in games unless they LOOK like they can take an incredible amount of punishment. This is the reason I’ve often tweaked the damage settings in Half-Life, since I’m used to organic things dying relatively quickly against modern military equipment, even if they’re big. That approach just simply wasn’t doable for this episode, so you get to see more of the normal game experience. I also ran into a bug where the boss just didn’t want to move and was in an invincible state, that took some tricks to get working. This episode also has two continuity errors that I’m aware of. One I left in for the hell of it, the other would have been nothing short of a nightmare to try and fix. You can probably spot them if you look for them.

“General Cornwaffle” put a bunch of effort into the sound effects for this one since it’s such a pivotal point in the game and this was an all-day job for volume balancing on my end, so it should hopefully sound pretty good. I’m anticipating we may lean a little more on the default side of the sound effects for the next few episodes, but we’ll see. More episodes coming as soon as they’re done!

I’ve seen some continued skepticism that I won’t get through Freeman’s Mind before the end of the year. I’ve mentioned this in the forums, but anyone is free to bet against me if you think I won’t make it. Just use the Donation Page and put in the Paypal subject that it’s a bet. If I don’t make the deadline, I’ll double your wager.


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