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More Freeman’s Mind! This episode, like many others, is pretty much more of the same, except in an alien universe. This area of the game might be my favorite in terms of the color and lighting. As a bit of a spoiler (watch the video first if you don’t want to read it) I am disappointed the conveyor belt was unable to kill the controller. In one practice playthrough I got the barrel to shove it out of the room entirely. I’m not sure if the physics can kill it or not. I don’t have a lot else to say about this episode except I was quite satisfied with the explosion sound quality.

I’m currently behind on reading comments and VERY behind on giving proper replies to donators and general emails. The same goes for updating a lot of the website links + adding video downloads. My plan is to catch up on all that after the episodes are over. I have seen some comments of people who suspect the bet was a ruse and this is done already, I promise it is not. While I was able to push ahead on a lot on the voicework, I’m going to be extremely busy between now and when I finish FM. I’m quite confident I’ll make it, though I have some special stuff planned for the last episode, so it’s going to take longer. More videos coming!


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