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Freeman’s Mind gun sounds

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This is a quick post to address what apparently has become a controversial issue. In the last FM episode (#47), sound editor Daniel Sheehan replaced the standard gun sounds used for Half-Life. I didn’t ask him to specifically change these sounds, but I encourage sound editors to embellish things for Freeman’s Mind as they see fit. I thought the final ones sounded pretty good (aside from some minor sync issues), so I left them in. People seem divided on this decision, so I wanted to see how divided. Go ahead and vote on the poll above if you have an opinion on this, I’ll go with whatever the majority decides. The tank sounds are non-negotiable however, those are staying.

EDIT: The “majority” vote has swapped several times by now and is currently still on a very close margin. This is about as divisive as it gets, so I’m going to make an executive decision and revert back to the old gunshots. My reasons for this are that it creates less work for the sound editor, and if someone new comes along later, it makes it easier to transition between people.


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