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Unreal Tournament 2004 for Winter Games 2018 thing by GOG

Here’s my feed from the Winter Games thing I was invited to by GOG where played Unreal Tournament 2004. I did better than I thought I would. I had the hosts largely muted while I was playing so I could concentrate better, which lead to me missing some things, but it worked out okay. My only regret is I didn’t realize how lopsided things were with onslaught, I would have asked the newer players to join my side if I knew. The volume levels are less than ideal, but this is what happens when I’m asked to make my voice louder for chat. There’s definitely a couple highlights in here, mostly from the flak cannon. Between this and Epic Pinball, I think I won about 140-160 games for viewers as prizes, though I’m still unclear how that works.

35:00 tournament starts

1:02:58 bombing run

1:43:49 onslaught

2:06:48 instagib + admin screwing around

2:39:35 semi-final 4 person DM

2:53:45 1v1 final

3:12:52 tournament over

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