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Accursed Farms Meetup?

Acting on the philosophy of “It’s better to regret something you have done, than regret something you haven’t done”, I’ve had an idea for a while to see if anyone was interested in doing a meetup for Accursed Farms. You would get to meet me, maybe F.C. Meixell (voice of the shadow man from CP), and maybe Craig Mengel (voice of Dave from CP) although Craig may decline on account of him thinking you people are psychos. Right now I have no solid plans at all, I just wanted to see if there was any interest in this. I was leaning towards going to an amusement park as a venue for this. That way if nobody shows up, I still get to go to an amusement park. If hundreds show up, I don’t have to worry about facilities to handle that.

I currently live in Blacksburg, Virginia , so you can look that up on a map to figure out where a good location for everyone might be. The farther away from me the location is, the less likely I want to travel there for this; especially since I don’t currently have a car, but I can try to figure something out for that. Again, there are no definite plans for this right now, I don’t know when, where, or if it will happen, but if there’s enough interest in this, I’m up for it.

Finally, I was hoping to have this post after the next Freeman’s Mind was released, but since that’s gotten delayed a few weeks due to a sound editing hold-up, that unfortunately won’t be for a little while still.

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