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Anti-hype attempt

This is an announcement that “The Tunnel” has been uploaded to Machinima.com. As usual, I never know when exactly the videos will post on Youtube. My guess is it will be sometime this week. When the video does post, I’ll have lots to say about it, but in the meantime I wanted to hopefully adjust people’s expectations to reality.

I am quite pleased with how the episode came out and am very happy it’s finally done. Since this episode has been mentioned for years now, I think it’s inevitable some people will expect this to be the best video ever created. While I do have future ideas that I think will astound people and will be worth it no matter how long they take, this is just an above-average episode that took a long time for many different reasons. I’ll go into more detail after the video’s released. I think if you just expect a normal Civil Protection episode, you wouldn’t be disappointed; but if you see this as the best work I can possibly do, then you might. I generally hate hype and like to let whatever I make stand for itself, but this one dragged on so long hype for it has been kind of inevitable.

As for the episode itself, the total length will be about 26 minutes and it will be split up on Youtube as 2 parts. An unsplit version will be released on the website afterwards, but it may be delayed more than usual since I may be traveling when the episode goes up.

In other news I unfortunately didn’t get to finishing the other Freeman’s Mind episode, but I will as soon as I move (and keep making more).

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