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Arr, I been hearin’ me some chatter regardin’ me speech on the last tale. It seems to me ye gobs been out at sea so long ye forgotten what the King’s English be soundin’ like. Arr, I suppose it best I be goin’ back to talkin’ in yer accent what ye can understand me proper. So here goes:

The subtitles for Episode 27 are now up on Youtube, which should shed some light on it for all you 21st century people. Also a handful of episodes are getting new subtitles posted, which will be up sometime in the near future; they’re being posted by Machinima.com on Youtube and a web admin for the site.

Viewers seem pretty polarized on the last episode. If you liked it, great. If you hated it, great. It was easily my favorite episode of Freeman’s Mind, though my accent could have been better, by far the most difficult part of it was trying to keep it consistent. I did break my own rule of reading some of the Youtube comments for that episode (which is something I’m never going to do again), and the wisdom of the masses there seemed to think I was going to release a “normal” episode 27. No, I’m not. The only reason I did a redo of episode 10.5 last year was because this is a continuous series and the main character DIED. I’m sure this has ruined the series for some of you, as we all know there are no other points in the game where Freeman fights soldiers again, but oh well.

I’ll be working on Civil Protection and taxes. I really cannot promise anything as far as CP, but it’s my goal to get the next episode out sometime this month.

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