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Attorney Wanted


Hey everyone, while I’m guessing most of the people who watch these videos aren’t lawyers, I wanted to at least see if there were any out there who would be interested in giving me a hand. I’ve been trying to contact Machinima.com for about a week and a half regarding some important matters and have not only been unable to get a reply from their legal department (which this concerns), but I can’t even get a DATE when I can expect to hear from them. The last time I showed patience with Machinima.com it didn’t work out very well , so now I’m trying to expedite the process.

I’m not even sure what I can reveal about this situation publicly, but I’m looking for some legal advice regarding my video rights and Machinima.com engaging in what I would call “less than legal” activity that’s affected me personally. I am not looking to go to court over anything, in fact I wish to avoid that if possible, however it’s looking like I might need some sort of legal notice sent to them otherwise it could be months (again) before anything gets done.

Unfortunately I do not have a lot of money, so I would either need some pro bono help or at some sort of discount. Someone who has experience in contract law would probably be best. Anyway, if you think you might be able to help, please contact me at [email protected].

Everyone else: I’m still working on more videos!

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