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August update

Here’s what’s going on, separated into different topics:


I’m actually not entirely sure what the status is on the new website, but I think we’re getting close. Currently two people are working on it, with another person on standby. I was told on July 1st the site would be up by next Friday, then by another person that the site would be ready last week, then in two days from past Thursday, then on 2pm Saturday, now maybe tomorrow, etc. So you can see, the people working on this are as good at time estimates as I am with my own videos. I consider the fact that I keep getting flawed estimates a positive thing because it implies progress. Also I have seen some mockup designs, though nothing quite functional as this yet.

When the site launches (any day now maybe), it will NOT be in a final state at all, but should be functional enough to navigate and get to the videos. Later improvements will be added as they’re worked on. While there are many features I’d like to eventually have, right now the main goal is to get something working that’s about as functional, but more secure than what’s here right now. Later on, you can expect a forum, video extras, more subtitles, more polished design, etc.


I’ve been working on the next episode every day and making steady progress. I’m absolutely going to finish the animation work this month, which is about 90-95% of the work involved with making an episode. I’ve had one animator bail on me, which has increased the workload and may make a couple scenes less polished, but I’m going to keep moving forward with backup methods to accomplish certain scenes that may not look as good, but will still allow the episode to get made. I’m very eager to get this episode done. Once the animation work is done, I’m making no promises as to how long the editing will take, as that will involve other people for sound and music. Also in the past, editing is one area that I’ve rushed in before, and considering how much time has aleady gone into this, I’d like to get this episode done properly as opposed to getting it done a day or two sooner.


I seem to be getting pressure on all sides to get another FM episode out, which seems to happen whenever I devote time to Civil Protection and make real progress. While I’m tempted to say the hell with everyone and keep working on CP (especially since I’m going to have a flood of FM episodes afterwards), I’ve decided to do another appeasement episode. I’ll be starting on that today, so take your best guess as to when the episode will be done. I hate giving estimates, because they’re always wrong, which causes people to be more upset than if I said nothing at all.

Once I’m done with the animation work for the next CP episode, I’ll continue making more FM episodes while I go back and forth between that and recording/editing for CP. Once the next CP episode is released, you can expect many more FM episodes, probably a dozen or two before the end of the year. While things could easily change, I’m estimating I might be able to finish the series for Half-Life 1 by sometime in Q1 2011.


I’m behind on responding to emails and currently have about 150 to write replies to. However, if you’re asking me questions that are answered in the FAQ or just want to know when the next episode will be out, you probably won’t get a response.

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