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broken site news update

Hey everyone, as some of you have informed me, the website and forums have been going down off and on lately. As it’s been explained to me, this is most likely due to some sort of coding bug in the forums causing a massive increase in server CPU usage. It may have been resolved, it may not have been, I’m not sure. If you have a web programming background and may have insight on this sort of thing, especially with phpBB, by all means contact DaveD or Jexius in the forums.

Machinima.com does seem to be taking longer than usual to put “The Tunnel” up, my guess is it’s due to its length and that they’re planning to release both parts at once (at my request). They have a complicated system for when Youtube videos appear over there; I don’t understand it much better than you do.

At the moment I don’t have regular internet access yet, but I’ll definitely post an update when the video goes up, or a web admin here will post it for me. I can’t record just yet, but I’ll be doing some work on other videos in the meantime. As soon as I can record again, I’ll resume work on Freeman’s Mind.

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