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Can’t take the heat

Hey people, some bad news. My videocard (Geforce 8800 GTS) is pretty consistently overheating. I tried to borrow a cheap one so I could keep working (Radeon X300 SE), but then THAT keeps overheating as well (to be fair that one doesn’t even have a fan, just a heatsink). Even though my case air flow is pretty good and I have an air conditioner running keeping the room in the mid 70s, this is definitely a heat problem. Besides video artifacts and system freezing in 3d applications, the heatsink on the Geforce has been getting so hot it can burn me.

I plan to order a custom cooler for the card since I don’t have a lot of extra cash to be blowing on a new videocard, but what this means is for the time being I can’t work on much of anything video-related because I risk the computer freezing up in 3D applications. So this means no animation work on Civil Protection, and no in-game footage for Freeman’s Mind. I’ll try and catch up on replying to emails and managing subtitles in the meantime.


Many people are offering to donate me money. That would be great, but I’m not doing that at this time for two reasons:

1. Having some sort of donate button requires modifications to the site, I don’t know web programming and right now the person helping me modify the site has been very busy to get everything underway (there’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff that needs fixing). I plan to follow up some emails from people who have contacted me about website before to hopefully get some stuff underway.

2. If you guys are donating, I want to have a little more to show for it. Basically get a bunch of minor improvements here working. Being able to browse old posts, a better commenting system, more subtitles, putting scripts up, alternate shots, having episodes available in more formats besides WMV, maybe director’s commentary stuff, etc.

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