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DOTA 2 Announcer pack submitted!

The announcer pack for DOTA 2 that I mentioned earlier has been submitted! It contains over 600 lines, has lots of situational humor, and the highest recording quality I’ve produced to date. Here is proof of it:

Link to DOTA submission

I have NO IDEA what the next step is! I guess Valve will look it over and decide if it’s acceptable or not, then I’ll get further instructions from there. It wouldn’t surprise me if they make me change the name from “Freeman’s Mind Announcer Pack”, but that shouldn’t affect the lines.

Anyway, now that this is submitted, I’ll be getting back to the videos and other things. More news coming this month!

I’ve been informed that this will need to be voted up a bunch for Valve to look at it. I don’t expect people to do that without knowing more about it, but I’ll make a proper media campaign for this later. Feel free to vote on it for now, but I’ll have a lot more details later.

Apparently no one can vote on this because it’s marked the item as “private” even when I temporarily make my profile public. I have no idea how to fix this, I’ll be researching it.


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