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Down with the sickness

This may sound like a direct contradiction, but since I made the last post I’ve fallen sick with something relatively substantial, my guess is some sort of flu. While the next FM episode is mostly done, I’m too weak and congested to finish the voice acting on it right now. I feel like a zombie. Not the fast kind that run around screaming, but the Romero kind that moan and run into walls. This is kind of ironic since the entire time I was in LA I rode the bus and didn’t get sick once since my immunity system is usually pretty good. This makes me think east coast viruses are more hardcore, but all I have is this anecdotal evidence.

My apologies about having to go back on what I said about the estimated release time, but I can’t change reality. If my energy comes back before my voice, I’ll get back to work on The Tunnel. I’ll finish the next FM episode as soon I’m able.

If you’re having trouble imagining what this virus feels like and want a better idea, try headbutting a smooth (to avoid lacerations) concrete wall. If it doesn’t feel so bad, you’re not doing it hard enough.


I’m better and I’ve finished the voicework for the next FM episode. I plan to finish the editing later today, so given the Machinima.com pipeline it should appear before too long.


I submitted the completed video days ago. I thought it would be up by now, but I never really know how long it takes Machinima.com to post it. I’ve started working on Episode 26 in the meantime.

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