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Filming is DONE

Hey everyone, I’m reporting that the filming for “The Tunnel” is now completely done. I still have some editing to do, but that should be pretty minor time-wise compared to the death march the rest of this episode has felt like. There’s still a lot of soundwork to be done, but the majority of that is being done by other people, which finally gives me a breather to work on something else. I’m very happy with how the episode is turning out and I think it’s going to be the best one yet atmosphere-wise.

I was going to have a couple new Freeman’s Mind episodes this month, but I found out on the 11th that the last day to submit videos to Machinima.com was the 13th, so unfortunately I can’t publish anything during this time. The earliest I can submit a new video is January 3rd, so it’s my intent to have at least one Freeman’s Mind episode completed before then. I’ll go ahead and expand the progress chart for the Freeman’s Mind episodes as well so you can monitor that if you’re curious. I plan to get started on episode 30 in the next day or two. It looks like I’m going to be eating my words about 2010 being more videos than ever, I really underestimated just how much work “The Tunnel” really was, I’ll talk more about that after the episode is out.

For non-video stuff, my main focus is replying to my very large backlog of emails, getting more subtitles up (I still need to review a lot of them), and hopefully getting a forum up and running at some point in the near future.

More videos are coming!


I’d like people’s feedback about what topic categories they would like to see for the future forum. For example, one possibility is something like this:

-Civil Protection
-Freeman’s Mind
-Other Videos
-Gaming in general
-Source Engine information

Or maybe CP, FM, and everything else should just be under one category of “Accursed Farms Videos.” It doesn’t have to be necessarily related to the videos, gaming, or machinima, just has enough interest that people coming here would want to discuss the topic. Feel free to list your suggestions in the comments, or you can email directly.

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