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Forums launched yet again

UPDATE: Editing is DONE, although rendering, encoding, and uploading is not. Even though it’s watchable on my computer at the moment, realistically it won’t be uploaded to Machinima.com until tomorrow.

Okay, I THINK we’re good with the forms now, hopefully this version won’t implode like the last one did. The link for it is up at the top of the page. I’m quite happy with how this version is looking. It’s based on phpBB and is almost all finished. There’s a couple minor features not present yet, but it should be quite functional. Really most of what I said a few days ago is still valid, so I won’t repeat it all here. Comments on the front page will be locked, but you can reply to all news posts now in the forum. Also I was mistaken, the posts from the last forum incarnation will NOT be preserved, sorry. There were only about half a dozen on there before it got shot down, and none of them were a cure for cancer or anything. Thanks for the forum go to “Jexius Something” for doing most of the work on this and to David Donaldson for helping out as well.

I’ll be leaving to move in a few days, but I promise I’ll have “The Tunnel” finished sometime this weekend. I’ll upload it, but I can’t promise when it will go up on Youtube. I’ll make another announcement when it is uploaded.

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