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Forums Launched!

The official forums are now up! You can click on the link at the top to access them. Not only are these in a traditional forum format (as opposed to Vanilla mentioned earlier), but all your login information and comments have been preserved. If you are registered on Accursed Farms already, your information will carry over into the forums.

You may notice the page design seems a little different now. This redesign was necessary in order to accommodate the forum plugin. I still consider the entire design in a temporary state and you’re welcome to propose a different look or layout, I’ve already created a thread in the forums on the topic.

The forum design is also NOT FINAL, it should probably be considered to be in an alpha or beta state. There are multiple problems with it and at the moment that will be fixed in the near future. Some of the known ones:

-Color scheme for text, backgrounds, etc. is not final at all, some minor text may appear as black on dark grey
-Forum layout still needs some work as well
-Some forum icons are displaying incorrectly
-User avatars currently aren’t functioning yet

So lots of cosmetic things, but the core functionality of it should be good. Since the majority of the last 24 hours were spent JUST on fixing things like the color, I was worried how long this might stall things, so I decided to launch the forum anyway. I’ve been eager on getting the forum launched for a while since it allows people to participate more in discussions than just replying to news posts. I’m not worried about the bugs, I’ve seen other examples of what this forum software can do and it’s quite impressive. Don’t worry, it will look better than it does now, I promise.

Comments are now disabled on the main page since I think it would just create redundancy. Now if you want to comment on a news post, you’ll be redirected to a thread containing the same post. This applies to future posts and all posts made up to this date. I also mean ALL posts as all the old news posts from the old blogspot location have been imported over. To reduce redundancy even further, news posts will be sorted into different categories. For official video releases, those will get filed under “Civil Protection,” “Freeman’s Mind,” or “Other Videos” accordingly. Everything else will be under “General News.”

The forum topics are based on your input so far. Additional ones can be added if there’s a large enough demand. Also as my first abuse of power, I’ve added a section for stuff I’m more specifically interested in, even if it may not relate directly to the videos. Some of you may notice there’s no subtitles section in the forums. That’s intentional. The subtitles section will be such a big thing in itself I didn’t want to launch it at the same time as the rest of the forums. That will go up a few days from now with its own news post on that.

Big thanks goes to David Donaldson for putting this all together (DaveD in the forums). He runs Fugcraft.net, the unofficial minecraft server of Fugworld.com , a Team Fortress 2 Community. I also want to give thanks to “Jexius Something” and Luke McKee for also coming up with functional designs, though theirs weren’t the final version.

I’ve gone and started a few threads in the forum, but feel free to start your own there. I’ll likely get more involved in the forums after the next episode is completed. If you spot any problems with the forum (besides color scheme and layout), either private message DaveD or else start a new thread about in in the forums. Enjoy!

EDIT: Several major bugs are cropping up. David is trying to fix it the best he can so far, but I’m getting pretty tired, it’s possible some fixes will have to wait until a little later. I appreciate your patience and I’m confident this will look a lot better in the near-ish future.

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