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47.jpgYoutube Download 672x384 WMV (55MB) Well sorry about the website being down for those who came here earlier. I still don’t know what happened, which is bad, because it means it might happen again. I believe it’s related to the company hosting the site. I haven’t heard back from the person in charge of that yet, hopefully the site will hold before another screwup. In the meantime, here’s what I wrote before that happened: This episode is another 100% backtracking one, though if I remember correctly, this area is one of the biggest backtracking sessions in the whole game. It’s also on the short side, but only because I like to pick good jumping off spots. A lot will happen in the one after this and I’ll make that one as long as it needs to be. This episode is also a little bit coarser than most of the others, but my reasoning was Freeman is dealing with a lot of combat and having his goals frustrated, so his agitation level increases accordingly. On that note however, if you like this episode I think there’s a good chance you’ll like the mystery series I still plan to make, but haven’t finished the pilot episode to. There’s also some glaring bugs in this episode which I didn’t have time to attempt to fix. Many of the decals are missing, particularly the blood ones by the security guard you saw earlier. This is a shortcoming of demo recording in the game and it seems to happen randomly. If I had more time I could rerecord until it didn’t happen, but alas, you get this instead. Speaking of time, this is going to be the last FM episode for quite a while, probably at least another month, but probably not more than 2. Hopefully the surge this month gave you some to tide you over. The short answer as to why is because I’ll be resuming work on Civil Protection since NOTHING has gotten done on it since I started on the trailer. The long answer I’ll explain in another post a day or two from now.

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