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Halloween Update

Hey everybody, I have a small update for Halloween. I don’t have any new videos, but I’m far enough along with the encoding process to release the MKV copies of some of the earlier videos. My original plan was to release “Diary of A Zombie”, “Halloween Safety”, and “The Tunnel” for a Halloween-themed release in high-quality x264 MKV format, so you could see all the detail. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the revised audio back from the finalists in time for Diary of a Zombie, Halloween Safety gave me an error when trying to open the original source file in Windows 7, but The Tunnel worked! So below here is a re-release of The Tunnel:

Download “Civil Protection: The Tunnel” 1280x720 MKV (250MB)

So not as Halloween-ish as I hoped, but 1 out of 3 I guess is better than nothing. I think the quality is quite good on this copy, however I ran into some minor errors for EVERY method I tried for x264 encoding when using VLC Player to play it back. The setting I decided on resulted in the least amount of visual errors, but there still are some small ones when using that player.

In other news, my throat is mostly healed, so I plan to start again on the next Freeman’s Mind soon, and I also hope to get the sound editing contest resolved soon as well. Beyond that, everything I work on feels like a giant spinner I turn to figure out what I’ll do next.

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