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Hey hacker guy

As I’m sure you know, this website has needed help for a long time, the guy who created it has basically had to abandon it and I don’t know about web programming. Somebody took over to make a mockup, but that’s been in limbo as well. Crap like this sets me back so I have less time to put into the episode. How about emailing me about what can be done to fix up the site? As far as your cred goes, hacking this site is the equivalent of beating up a homeless guy in the alley. I’m sure there’s better and more deserving targets.


I’m not deleting the hacker’s posts, because I think it would be an unwise move to act like this didn’t happen and would provoke further action from him. Also I don’t know how to disable the music, I’ll try and have that fixed when I can.

In the meantime, the website revamp has now taken full priority for obvious reasons. I’ll keep working on the episodes since I’m not the one who will be doing the actual programming, but there’s a lot to coordinate, so this will eat into my time.


Thanks to those who sent me the old news posts. Work is underway getting the site revised and hopefully non-hackable in the future.

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