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January 2011 update

While the progress bar to the right tells most of what’s going on, here’s a more verbal update for people. Right now “The Tunnel” is almost all done visually. I have some minor fixes to do in editing still along with the main credits, but there’s still a little ways to go on the audio. The sound work involved for this episode is quite extensive and I’m getting great help on it, it just needs a little more time. This has freed me up to work on Freeman’s Mind in the meantime. As of the time of this post, I’ve finished the footage and dialogue for Episode 30, though the episode still needs volume balancing and some extra effects. Since I’m getting help here as well, I’ll just go ahead and start on Episode 31 soon so I can keep things rolling.

I’m unfortunately still quite a bit behind on emails, I currently have about 230 left to reply to. If you’ve contacted me about subtitles, your emails are likely much more delayed than usual since I’m trying to get a new system in place for that. In short, I want to get the English ones up first, so all people making subtitles have a better copy to work from for translations in other languages. There are currently two people working on that for the remaining episodes. Once I get more up, I’ll unveil “phase 2” of plans for getting more subtitles up on the site in other languages.

For now I’m not going to rush anything, but I intend to work on Freeman’s Mind every day I’m able, so you’ll be seeing a surge in new episodes soon, even if there’s some lag time between when I finish voicing an episode and when it goes online. I’ll announce more on long-term plans after “The Tunnel” is out.

EDIT: Episode 30 is done and has been uploaded to Machinima.com. It will go up on their Youtube channel first, but I don’t know when. If anyone sees it go up and I haven’t made a post on it yet, feel free to email me and say so. Also for the OCD people, as a tip, they usually only upload between 9 - 5 (GMT -08:00).

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