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Late August update

Well it’s about that time where some people are wondering if I’m dead or not again, so I thought I should give an update. I’ve been busy with lots of different things, here’s what I’m involved with at the moment:

The next episode is underway and will be a longer one. The one after that (45) will unfortunately be delayed more because what I have planned for it presents some unique challenges. To make up for the delays, I’ll have to see how busy I am and what my situation is, but I am considering making November “the month of Freeman” where ALL I work on is Freeman’s Mind and no other projects and see how many episodes get done during that time. Also I plan on getting the downloadable copy for #43 up soon.

While I was originally planning to have the movie project be the only animated thing I was going to work on for the foreseeable future, some interesting developments came up where I will be working on an original short that will be going up sometime early December (won’t be Christmas related). It’s still uncertain whether this will be filmed using the Unreal 3 engine or in Source. If you have mapping experience in either, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. Be sure to send me samples or screenshots of your previous work. Who gets picked will be determined by previous map visual quality + how much free time the person will have. Right now I may be leaning towards the Source engine for this particular project. It will involve a forested area and will be in a contemporary setting.

In another set of interesting circumstances, I’ve agreed to help with a video project that may become a series. I won’t be directing or animating it, but I am doing the writing for it and voice acting for one of the characters. More details will be revealed later.

My past has caught up with me and I am moving to a mysterious location once again. I’ll be leaving in about 2 weeks, I may not have internet or a place to record for a little while afterwards, but I’ll get on track ASAP. I’ll get the next FM video uploaded before I leave.

Work is slowly progressing to set up an online store so that people will be able to buy Freeman’s Mind and Civil Protection t-shirts (with more stuff later). I’m hoping this will become fully operational in a month or two with more shirt designs rolling out later on.

ADHD version: Ross is working on stuff! More videos coming!

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