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Late May News

Hey people, I have some new updates and a minor promotion to make. As I’ve mentioned before on the blog, I am still for hire if people want to pay me for voice acting, writing, or something else related. Well one group actually approached me about “hiring” me to play a game with them for a commentary series they’re doing.

I have to admit, the concept of charging people for me to play a game with them never even occurred to me and it would seem pretentious if I had come up with the idea myself. I would feel guilty about this if I haven’t been so busy with various projects that I’ve had very little time for gaming myself. Also, I decided I am ABSOLUTELY fine with establishing a precedent that I will play games for money if somebody wants to pay for it. I just don’t want people to think that I feel entitled to some sort of payment for playing a game. On the contrary, I enjoy interacting with fans (even if I’m months behind on my email replies) and will always do so for free, even though there can be delays. The way I see it, what I’m being paid for is for time I would normally spend working on something else and I’m unfortunately very busy these days.

Anyway, part of the deal was some extra publicity for their new series, so here it is:

Rest of the playthrough videos

It’s just myself running around with the creator “Loremaster Nojah” and his friend “Sarahon” trying to get through the old mod “They Hunger” running Sven Co-op. It goes on for a few hours, split into different episodes. If you need to kill time, these guys have you covered.

This video may also gives you an idea of why Freeman’s Mind is not done live. This whole video is extremely casual with a minimum (if any) amount of editing. When doing things impromptu, my ratio of saying something entertaining is more like once every 3 minutes rather than once every 10 seconds the way it is with FM. Also my microphone quality is pretty poor in this video as I normally use a handheld mic to record videos, but I just used a webcam mic I had for this so I could play hands-free. On that note, if anyone has recommendations for a gaming headset with good mic quality for hands-free recording (especially with low mic puff) in the future, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

- - -

In other news, I’ve made a lot of updates to the website to the different sections, with updated information the FAQ, donations, subtitles, etc. I’ve also added an entire “Ross For Hire” section where you can now see some of the jobs I’ve taken so far freelancing. Not all of the mods / videos are out yet however, but feel free to browse.

Finally, I’m aiming to have the next Freeman’s Mind out sometime Tuesday. While I am making no promises, it’s my aim to have a new FM out approximately every weeks after that (with more stuff coming out in between later on).


ADHD version: Ross plays games with some dudes! Website has more words on it! Next FM episode will probably be Tuesday!

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