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Leap Day Update

Hey everyone, I’ve had a bit of a setback as I lost power for a few days because my landlord decided it would be cool to not pay the power bills even though I give him cash on time every month. I’m convinced he has a mistress in Copenhagen, so maybe he needed the money in advance for that. Regardless, I have power back now and will continue working on stuff. I’ll be working on Freeman’s Mind this month and making more (but slow) progress on the movie project. I’m thinking it may be unrealistic that the movie will be finished this year, but I hope to get a lot of it done regardless.

I tend to be perpetually behind on the things I’m working on, but I thought I might add some democracy to the process. While I will be continuing to work on videos, I wanted to see if people had a clear preference for other things I can be working on. I’ve put up a poll above, let me know what you would like to see happen next (besides more videos of course).

[poll id=”5”]

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