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Los Angeles

Hey everyone, no new videos I’m afraid, but here’s a news update. I’ve successfully relocated to Los Angeles, it’s about what I expected. Machinima had several new hires besides me and wasn’t fully prepared for everyone, so I haven’t really had a computer to work on for the past 2 weeks. My own computer arrived from moving a couple days ago, so I can at least resume working on some things. I still don’t have a place to record audio however, so for now this means no new videos that requires me to voice act. In light of that, I’m focusing on the pilot episode I mentioned (where I won’t be a voice actor) and a partially completed Civil Protection episode where my dialogue was already recorded a long time ago. I’m sure the audio situation will get resolved eventually, everyone seems interested in me continuing Freeman’s Mind especially. In the meantime, here are some things I’ve learned about LA that I didn’t already know:

-Cars actually yield the right of way to pedestrians here. This is a very alien concept to me.

-I’m honestly amazed Taco Bell can survive out here in light of the competition.

-There seems to be an unspoken stigma here against people who ride the bus. Lucky for me, I don’t care.

-An old Indian name for Los Angeles translates to “the valley of smoke.” I consider this more accurate than “the city of angels”

-It’s easy to see why there were power shortages here a few years ago when many power lines buzz erratically so loud I’m expecting sparks to be shooting out from them.

-I’m starting to see why some art directors for videogames consider making everything look brown to be realistic.

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