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I’m letting people know the next FM episode is going to be a little delayed. I’ve had sort of a perfect storm of things go wrong. First, Otto, the audio editor that assists me, had his hard drive completely fail on him, so he was unable to help on this episode, which adds to the time for me to do it myself.

Second, my system got hit by some sort of virus that hosed my whole OS. I spent most of this weekend just trying to fix it. I didn’t lose any important files, but I still have a ton of software I need to reinstall, so I’m trying to catch up. For those that are interested, I’ve had this sort of thing happen before using AVG as a virus scanner, this time I was using Avast. Since it failed me, I’m going to try out Antivir this time, which is supposedly one of the better antivirus programs out there. This is actually an extremely rare occurrence for me, I can count on one hand the number of times a virus has taken down my OS before.

Anyway, I’ll get the next FM episode done as soon as I can, then I hope to catch up on some of the subtitles after that.

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