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Mid October update

This is just a news post to let people know I’m not dead, again. I’ve successfully moved and my computer didn’t suffer any casualties in the process. Since then I’ve been working almost exclusively on the mystery video discussed in the last post since that one has a deadline. I’ll have to be done with it one way or another by early November, I sincerely hope it will be before then. Without revealing too much, it will be a short video, not part of an existing series kind of a surreal and slightly creepy comedy. I’ll be filming it in Source Filmmaker, even though I still plan to transition to UDK in the long term. While I don’t know if I’ll be able to start the “month of Freeman” on November 1st, I promise I’ll focus on outputting a spree of Freeman’s Mind episodes as soon as I’m done with this side project. Also I haven’t forgotten about the downloadable copies of the last episodes, I just need to organize a bunch of my files before processing everything.

ADHD version: Ross is working on a mystery video, he’ll make a bunch of FM episodes afterwards.

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