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Mission Still Unaccomplished

Hey everyone, this is just a minor update. My original plan was to not do another update until the filming was done, but 2+ weeks after I thought I’d be done with that, I’m still finishing things up, so I’m giving a quick status report. The reason things are still taking so long is because a lot of things I thought were done, I’ve found on closer inspection have problems with lighting, continuity errors, bugs in the engine, etc. One thing I haven’t updated much on the progress bar of the next episode is the NEGATIVE progress, where things that I thought were complete had to get fixed. The update was frozen for a long time because of this, but I THINK it’s all progress now.

I currently have ~1.1 scenes left to film, then the filming is done. The final scene I’m finishing has more engine bugs than most, so many that I’m going to have to redo part of it using the Half-Life 2: Episode 1 engine, as opposed to the Episode 2 engine. I plan to go into more detail on this at a later date, but this episode has been informative into just how many situations the animations will screw up in-game. The HL2 Episode 2 engine seems to be the culprit for most, if not all of this. I have half a dozen different situations where animations glitch out where they didn’t in Episode 1. It’s probably happening much more frequently than I’m noticing, but a lot of the time the difference is subtle, but for other situations it’s horrid. If the code can’t be fixed at a later date, for future episodes I may have to revert back to the Episode 1 engine altogether.

I have at least 2 more days of work before the filming is done, so we’ll see what the actual time ends up being. I can’t give any estimates on the remaining time for the music/audio, however I will resume Freeman’s Mind as soon as the video editing is done for this episode.

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