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More help wanted

Unfortunately I still have no update on releasing new videos (speaking of which, if someone wants to make me an offer on Freeman’s Mind or Civil Protection, go ahead and email me). In the meantime, I’ve mainly been doing freelance voice acting work, but I want to work on future videos, whenever they come out. There are two key areas I could really use help in:

I’ve been wanting to make updates to the site for over a year now, but don’t have web programming knowledge myself. Some of the things I wish to do are update the FAQ, add extra info fields to the episode pages, and have some sort of Wordpress plugin system so I could manually generate new episode pages myself, etc.

I have had some great audio editing help in the past, but it’s a real dice toss as to whether anyone will reply if I need help with a video. I’m looking for someone to add in sound effects, do some general reverb processing, and volume balancing. If you have examples of previous work you’ve done, please send me a link to them.

- - -

If you’re interested in helping in either of these positions, please contact me at [email protected]. They will have to be volunteer positions since I’m currently in Ramen noodle territory myself. For audio editing that I use, I will put you in the credits of the video, and for website help, we’ll find a way to credit you somewhere on the site.

Also I’d like to add that if you are interested in helping, try to sound semi-professional. If I get an email like this:

ya ill fix ur site wat u want

-Sent from my iPhone

it doesn’t inspire confidence in me as to your abilities. I’m old-fashioned like that.

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